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Beginner Level Classes

Welcome to the Underwater world!
Learn the basics and begin investigating the secrets of the sea.

This is the entry level program through which most people begin the adventure of diving.

We offer programs in the Seattle/Tacoma Area, on Maui, and in Cabo San Lucas

Learning to dive consists of two phases.

Phase One: Knowledge Development & Pool Training.
(Tropical Referral Certification Course)
Here you gain the Knowledge and skills necessary for safe diving. This is often referred to as the "Referral Program". This begins with you reviewing an enjoyable, Home Study program.  Once the home studies are completed, you are eligible to join any of our pool training sessions.  In the pool session you will have time to become comfortable with the diving equipment.  Once completed you will be ready for Phase 2, the ocean training dives.

Phase Two: Open Water, Ocean Training Dives.
In the ocean training dives you will participate in four dives. Under the guidance of a professional diving instructor, you will practice the skills learned in Phase One.

You can complete the Phase Two training with us at any of our facilities, or at any other PADI facility in the world. You will join us for four exciting dives.  Once completed you will receive the internationally recognized, PADI "Open Water Diver Certification" and be ready to join the adventure that is diving!

If you decide to do the Phase two diving at another facility, we will issue you all necessary forms.  You will be able to go to any PADI facility in the world to complete the training and gain certification.

So what are you waiting for?

You'll never find a more enjoyable, thorough or safer diving course. Take the plunge! Enroll in a Seattle Scuba Schools Open Water Diver Course today and join the adventure.  
The underwater paradise is waiting for you!
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