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Why Choose Seattle Scuba Schools?

Scuba Schools Master Instructor Craig Gillespie

Why Choose Seattle Scuba Schools?

I'm Craig Gillespie, the director, and Master Instructor, of Seattle Scuba Schools.

PADI (The Professional Association of Diving Instructors) is the largest diver training organization in the world.  It is the most widely recognized certification card in the world. The other agencies may be fairly large in their home areas (NAUI & SSI in the USA, BSAC in Britain, JUDF in Japan, to name but a few) but their cards may not be well recognized in other parts of the world. In some areas divers holding cards from other agencies may be required to do a checkout dive or, in fact, may not be allowed to dive at all.

I was once required to do a checkout dive with an instructor because they would not recognize the SSI instructor card I was carrying with me at the time.

If you want a truly, International diving certification, PADI is the way to go. Whether you choose us or another facility with which to begin your training, always insist upon a PADI certification.All of the Seattle Scuba Schools staff are dedicated to making your dive training easy and fun.

I have personally been working in dive training since 1972. Over the years I've had the pleasure to live and work in such diverse diving locations as The Great Barrier Reef in Australia, Hawaii, Japan and all up and down the west coast of North America, from Canada to the Sea of Cortez.  I have through the years, helped over 21,000 divers begin the diving adventure. I've had the distinct honor to assist many of them to go on to become diving professionals, who in turn help others discover the adventure that is diving.

I know that your diving safety and enjoyment depends on the efforts we put in to make sure you are properly trained, and ready to go diving. I'm proud of what we do. In fact, there is absolutely nothing I could have done over the last 30+ years, that would have brought me more pleasure and reward, than to spend that time assisting you discover the paradise that awaits beneath the surface of this planet's seas. nudibranchsj.jpg

Our instructional staff are all professionally trained and certified diving instructors. Every one of our instructors has been through weeks of intensive instructor training. Along with being some of the best divers in the world, our staff have also had extensive training in educational theory and philosophy, curriculum development and learning theories, water safety, diving safety and environmental education. In an effort to be prepared for any eventuality, all of our instructors have been trained in water rescues, CPR and First Aid. The majority of them in fact, have completed training and hold certifications as CPR/First Aid Instructors.

At Seattle Scuba Schools our mission is to provide you with the safest, most up to date diver training available. All of our instructors and staff are dedicated to making your dive training a memorable experience. Our Instructors average over 20 years of diving experience. They have lived and worked in some of the worlds premier diving destinations and bring an incomparable level of experience and professionalism to all of Seattle Scuba Schools diver training programs. If you're looking for the most professional, up-to-date program of diving instruction available, you need look no further.

I promise you, all of us at Seattle Scuba Schools will do our best to make your diving experiences safe, enjoyable and successful.

There is a quality difference!

Contact us today and enjoy the adventure that is Scuba Diving!

Craig A. Gillespie
PADI Master Instructor #19000

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