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Beyond Open Water: Continuing Education Classes

The next steps in your dive education...  Just like your normal schooling didn't end with kindergarden, your dive schooling doesn't end with the Open Water class!


The core classes following the Open Water class are the Advanced Open Water and Rescue Diver classes. These three classes (Open Water, Advanced, Rescue) together contain the core knowledge and skills that every diver should work towards. 
The Specialty classes are designed to allow you to expand your knowledge of diving in the areas that most interest you. 
Divers who earn 5 specialty ratings, complete the 3 core classes, and log 50 dives are eligible to receive the prestigious Master Scuba Diver rating. 
For those who want to join the ranks of the professionals, the Divemaster class is for you.
The First Aid/CPR class is required for Rescue diver, and highly recommended for all divers, as is the Oxygen Administration specialty - in order to make diving safer for everyone. 

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