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Fish Identification

Know what you are looking at
Costs: Tuition: $195 for classroom lecture, 2 dives & certification. 
Textbook:"Fish ID - California to Alaska': $37.95 and Reef field guides and survey materials.
Learn about the fish families the inhabit Puget Sound.... the Spiny-Headed bottom Dwellers.... The Right-Eyed Flatfish... The Lumpsuckers.... we know it starts to sound like mafia families and gives new meaning to sleep with the fishes, but they are really cute once you get to know them!
After learning about basic Fish Anatomy, Families & Id methods we will take a stroll through ~ a lot of the specific fish you are likely to be fortunate to encounter in our local waters. We don't focus on crazy scientific names and obscure latinisms, although Latin names are provided, instead we focus on giving you the tools to identify those cool critters you keep running across and wondering 'what is that'? 

Dive requirement: An evening/afternoon of classroom + 2 Dives in 1 day for certification. 

Prerequisite: Open Water Diver

This class covers all the fish in the basic REEF curriculum, and a bunch more!
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