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Maui: PADI Beginning Open Water Diver Certification Course


Planning a Vacation on Maui?
Thinking of learning to SCUBA Dive?
Learning to dive has never been this easy!
Or this much FUN!

Now, through our PADI approved
Home Study Program

You can complete the "CLASSROOM" portion of the training at home, then in only 2 or 3 days, during your vacation on Maui, you can complete the water training and gain the prestigious, internationally recognized


At the same time you will be doing some of the best diving Hawaii has to offer. Don't wait any longer. Learning to dive has never been this easy or this fun. You too, can soon be investigating the wonders that await you in the undersea world.

Through our Home Study Program you will begin your diving class at home prior to your trip to Hawaii. Our PADI Open Water Diver Program begins with you reviewing a fully interactive Multimedia, Home Study program. (Also available in text/DVD format). Upon completion of the Home Studies you will be eligible to participate in the pool & ocean training portions of the program. 

You can participate in the pool training portion of your program an any of our training facility in Seattle .  We will arrange the ocean training to fit your scheduled dates on Maui. Our training sessions are kept small so you will receive a lot of personalized attention and we know you will have a lot of fun.


Mainland / Maui
Beginning Open Water Diver Course
Complete Phase One, Home Study program and pool training at home, then complete Phase Two, ocean training, on Maui.

Upon completion of the home studies and prior to your vacation, you will participate in the swimming pool practice where you will learn about the skills and equipment necessary for safe, enjoyable diving. You will practice with the dive equipment under the safety and guidance of our professional PADI Instructors. The pool training will take one evening.  Following the pool training there will be one evening of review and testing of the home study materials.

Once the pool training and academic review sessions are completed you will be ready to complete the ocean training dives with the instructors on Maui.  Not only will you get the chance to do some of the best diving in the Hawaiian Islands, you will become certified as a a PADI Open Water Diver during your vacation on Maui.


Mainland/Maui Tuition:
$500/ diver 
Study Kit: $95
Course Total

 Please note:  Seattle Scuba and our Maui partner facility are separate businesses, a portion of the above fees are due to each facility.
Pool/Academic Training: $225 per diver + Study Kit: $95 = $320  due to the Seattle Facility
Open Water Dives: $275  per diver due to the Maui facility. 

The discount below ONLY apply to the pool/academic tuition, NOT to the Maui open water dive tuition. 

2 or more divers receive 10% discount off the
tuition portion of the pool and academic program in Seattle.

Military, Law Enforcement and Fire Protection personnel registering together receive 15% discount off the tuition
portion of the pool and academic program in Seattle.


To begin just click here to be taken to our Registration Procedures page. Go ahead, click. You know you want to learn to dive.

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