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Cozumel & Tulum - July 2013

Experience some of the best salt water diving in the world, followed by some of the best fresh water diving in the world.

July 19th to July 26th, 2013

Training Options: Not certified? Complete your Open Water dives on this trip with one of our professional dive instructors. More details here. 
Certified? We are offering the following continuing education programs during the trip: 
Advanced Open Water - $150 (usually $250)
Deep Diver Specialty - $150 (usually $250)
Drift Diver Specialty - $100 (usually $150)





Price: $1699 per person (diver)/$900 per person (non-diver), based on double occupancy - single supplement may apply.
4 nights in Cozumel, 3 nights in Tulum - dives total, experience two entirely different dive environments in one trip. 
This is not your typical trip to Mexico! The trip will be led by Manuel "Caballito", a native of Tulum, Mexico, who currently resides in Seattle. Manuel has 20 years of experience diving and leading trips to the area. 
This trip is highly specialized to our group, there will be no rushed 'cattle boat' trips, no huge 'gringo' all inclusive resorts, no trips to the same Cenote that everyone visits.
Under the philosophy that dive travel should be able enjoying and supporting local businesses and cultures - not damaging them, wecaballito.jpg will be staying at environmentally conscious hotels & diving in a relaxed atmosphere with businesses that will support the local peoples, not huge foreign corporations. 
We will have our own personal guide, an expert in the local area both above and below the water - who is available 24hrs a day to answer questions....   and who deals with ALL the local travel logistics! You don't have to figure out how to get your dive gear to the boat, or to the Cenotes, or how to buy tickets for the ferry from Cozumel to the mainland - you just have to show up, dive, relax and have a GREAT week!.

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About Cozumel Diving:
The diving around Cozumel consists in large part of drift diving, with incredible underwater pinnacles, walls and canyons lined with coral. It is one of the better known dive spots in the world.  












Diving in Cozumel you can expect to see marine life of all kinds including sea turtles, nurse sharks, moray eels, giant angelfish, triggerfish, corals, sponges and all manner of amazing critters!

Tulum - Ocean Diving: 


Tulum - Cenote Diving: mancen.jpg
angelita.jpgThe Cenotes or Mayan caverns are a unique feature to this part of the world. Giant underwater limestone caverns with huge stalagmites and stalagtites, formed out of the minerals that filter through the porous ground of the area, filled with pure, filtered freshwater. Diving in the cenotes gives one the opportunity to see an amazing freshwater ecosystem unlike any other.
No prior cavern diving experience or certification is necessary to do these dives.
Trip Cost Includes: 

* 7 Nights of Accommodations, diving, use of tanks & weights, dive guides, national park & cenote entry fees, ferry from Cozumel to the mainland, ground transportation to Tulum...
* 4 Nights at the Casa Mexicana in Cozumel - breakfast & snack lunch included
* 1 Shore dive in Cozumel (for those arriving early enough on the 19th - before 2pm)
* 3 Days of Cozumel boat diving - 3 dives a day
* 3 Nights at Cabanas Zazil Kin, right by the beach
* 1 Day of boat diving on Tulum reef
* 2 Days of diving in the Cenotes
* Optional 1 Day Whale Shark Safari - $170
* Transportaion to and from port
* Full day boat trip to snorkel with Whale Sharks
* Light breakfast & lunch included

Accommodations in Cozumel:
The Casa Mexicana faces the gorgeous blue waters of Cozumel. The rooms have air conditioning, and all the other necessary amenities to relax after a day of diving. There is a breakfast buffet, pool, and wireless internet access. 

Accommodations in Tulum: 
Cabanas Zazil Kin are only a few steps from one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. These lodgings are somewhat more rustic than the Cozumel accommodations, but no less enjoyable - and perfect after a day of diving. Rooms have electricity from 7pm to 7am and air conditioning, along with a wireless hotspot near the rooms. 

Does not include: Airfare, tips, meals beyond those mentioned, equipment rental. 
Each person needs to book their own airfare, arrival airport is Cozumel, departure airport is Cancun.
All reservations must be made through Seattle Scuba.
$500 Non-refundable deposit is due at time of booking. Balance to be paid in full no later than June 19, 2013.
Space is limited, don't miss out!!
Contact us today to sign up: 206 284 2350  

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