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Emergency Oxygen Provider

Know what to do in an emergency

Emergency Oxygen Provider Course 

Costs: $125 Tuition + $48 Student kit

Administering Oxygen is one of the most important aspects of first aid for o2.jpgdecompression sickness, lung overexpansion injuries, and also for many non diving issues such as strokes. However, statistics say that less than 50% of injured divers actually are administered Oxygen, and those that do get Oxygen don't get near 100% concentrations due to improper administration. This class teaches you how to correctly administer 100% Oxygen to an injured diver so that those dismal statistics will start to improve. PADI introduced this class in 2008, and they produced fantastic training materials for it including the quick refresher card. We will cover the specific skills of:

  • Assembly, safe use, and care of Oxygen systems.
  • How to administer Oxygen using demand valve and mask, constant-flow/non-rebreather masks, and pocket mask with an Oxygen inlet
  • Review the signs and symptons of dive injuries, as well as basic emergency management.
  • A great class to take heading into your Rescue class, or in conjunction with your First Aid/CPR class. 

Dive requirement: None, home study plus an evening of skills practice

Prerequisite: Fog a mirror

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