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Deep Diver Specialty

Costs: Tuition: $375   (Includes one day of boat diving charter fee)

Materials: "PADI Deep Diver Crewpak" : $66


Mention "deep diving" amid a group of divers and watch the reactions. Novice divers want to know what it's like. More experienced divers, who have been a bit deeper chat with excitement. Deep Diving Specialty Divers, those qualified to venture to 130 feet, the recommended farthest edge of recreational diving, also show enthusiasm, but tempered with respect for the more serious nature of deep diving. There's something a bit attractive, exciting and mysterious about "going deep." Through the Deep Diving Specialty Course you will be introduced to the techniques of deep diving and be qualified to dive to depths as deep as 130 feet.

Dive requirement: 4 Dives over 2 day. Day 1 is beach diving, day 2 is boat diving OR beach diving, depending on the class.

Equipment requirement: Diver are required to have their Dive light and Safety Stop Buoy. A dive computer and pony bottle are recommended but not required.   

Prerequisite: Advanced Open Water Diver

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