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One of our preteen divers.
Club - Open to All
Our 'club' doesn't have any required meetings or membership rolls that take up valuable time that could be spent underwater, we just go diving and have fun! We would love to have you join us on any of the dives, meetings/socials or any of the other events. Other than boat trips, most activities are free,,,
Note: The folks staffing the shore dives are mostly volunteering their time and often don't get to dive that day, so please consider bringing them cookies/tipping/some other form of appreciation for their time dedicated to helping you dive safely.
Shore Dives
Our shore dives are open to divers who have cold water experience - some dives are open to all divers who meet that minimum requirement, some require Advanced Open Water or other specific qualifications. Cold water experience means you know how to dive in at least a 5mm wetsuit or drysuit - if you got certified in this area or down in Monterey, you have that experience!.  If you are new to cold water diving we ask that you go out for a day of diving with one of our staff to get acquainted with the buoyancy of the thick suits and figure out your weighting, after that you would be welcome to join our shore and boat dives.
Gear Requirements
Each diver needs to bring all necessary gear to the beach with them.
Rental Gear Special: Anyone joining any of our shore dives gets 50% the rental fees for any gear they need to join the dive that is rented from Seattle Scuba... just let us know when you are renting that you are joining the club dive!
General Information
Our dive staff will be on site during the posted times to give you an overview of the dive site and lend you a hand getting in the water if you need it. These are not guided, supervised or instructional dives, you and another certified diver are planning and conducting your dive. The dive site descriptions are not meant to be used as any type of dive advice, or guarantee that it is suitable to the level of any particular diver. It is general info and recommendations only. Doing your own research is great, and knowing your own abilities and skill level is even better, and you should always be sure that you and your buddy(s) are comfortable doing a dive before you embark upon it.

Be sure to check in with our staff and sign in if you are participating in our club dives. You don't have any excuse now not to go diving.  It's free!

Buffalo Sculpin

2014/2015 Schedule

Shore Dive - Salt Water State Park-
December 7, 2014 - 12PM to 3PM
Open to divers with cold water experience. 


This State Park holds an artificial reef that holds many fish found here in the NW. There is plenty of parking, bathroom with showers and picnic tables.

Be at the site ready to dive by 12:00, staff will be onsite until 3:00pm
 MID-WINTER Shore Dive & BBQ - Junk Pile, Alki Beach-
January 25, 2015 - 12PM to 3PM
Open to divers with cold water experience

This is our MID-SUMMER BBQ Club Dive! Bring anything you would like to BBQ and we will have a covered area reserved for feasting. The Junk Pile dive consists of a line that runs parallel to the beach with cool critters along the way. 

Be at the site ready to dive by 12:00, staff will be onsite until 3:00pm

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