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We have full rental gear available, and the use of it is included in the cost of our Seattle Tropical Referral Program, our Seattle Open Water Certification class AND our Seattle Advanced Open Water class. Head to toes, including Mask, Snorkel, Fins, you don't have to buy ANY gear to join our beginner classes or our Advanced class. This gives folks a chance to get through the first classes, which teach about the gear, before having to choose what equipment will work best for them.

When joining our beginner class at the Seattle facility you will receive half price rentals for 1 month following your class, and 10% off any gear purchases for two month after your class.

Some of the brands we carry: Mares, Dive Rite, OMS, Sealife, XS Scuba, ScubaMax, Teknodiver, Neosport (Division of Henderson), Oceaner, Promate, Marine Sports, Trident, H2Odyssey, APS Mantaray, Atlan/Edge, Sea Pearls, Storm Cases, High Tide, Cetacea, Intova, Mcnett...... and others
Rental Gear - Pricing
Here are our current rental prices for gear use outside of the beginner level and advanced classes. You must show proof of certification from a recognized agency for Scuba gear rental. For Drysuit or Nitrox/EAN equipment you must show proof of appropriate specialty training.
All gear needs to be rinsed prior to return (We have a rinse tub out front that you can use) - remember to put the dust cap securely back in the regulator prior to rinsing.  and tanks need to be returned with no less than 300psi in them. For your safety you should always plan your dives to be at the surface with no less than 500psi. 
You must sign the liability paperwork yourself for gear you are using - if you are having your friend/buddy/spouse etc... pick it up you will need to send the signed rental form and your cert card with them. 
Special: Any gear rented to participate in one of our shore fun dives will be at half price!
 Item/Package Cost for 1st day - Days 2 and beyond 1/2 price

 Wetsuit Package- (Regulator, BCD, wetsuit, weight system, 2 tanks) 

$66.40 standard air/ $82.40 Nitrox tanks

 Drysuit Package (Regulator, BCD, drysuit, weight system, 2 tanks)

 $106.40 standard air/ $122.40 Nitrox tanks
 Tank (AL 80) Standard Air

 Tank (AL 80) Nitrox/EAN  32 or 36 % (Must reserve at least 4 days ahead)

 BCD - Weight Integrated $12.00
 Regulator - Available with Drysuit hoses if you need them  $14.00

 Wetsuit - Two piece 7mm farmer john style

 Kids sizes: 4-16  Women's sizes: 4-22  Men's sizes: XS-5XL


 Drysuit  -Oceaner Neoprene - (Must have Drysuit specialty to rent)


 Drysuit Undergarment - Fleece jumpsuit style
 Compass $15.00
 Snorkel $4.00
 Fins $10.00
 Booties - Sizes Womens 3 to mens 16 $8.00
 Gloves - Sizes XS - 2Xl
 Hood - Sizes XS - XL
 Weight System (Weight belt + soft weight pouches)  $14.00
 Ankle Weights

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